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Web Site Stats

What's more important for an online business than visitors that buy from them. Same is true with any business and they all compete for one thing i.e. customers that buy from them and bring business. In this scenario a question arises that is in the top most corner of a mind of a business executive and that is " How can i find customers and increase my sales?"

The question seems to be very difficult but the answer is simple and straight forward. Give the people what they require according to their expectations and they will buy from you . True , but how can i website know that what its visitors need and looking for so it can act accordingly.It sounds simple but understanding customers and then translating their needs is exeteremly difficult. Knowing your website visitors should be a top most priority of any online business owner and it can be done by looking at the website stats.

Website stats is the detail of the visitors that how did they found the site, which search engines and keywords they used to get it , what are the top pages through which the visitors enter the site , what are the top most navigation paths, what pages make your site visitors leave your site, whats the average time spent on site , how many daily unqiue visitors you get, how many returning visitors you get etc . This list can continues to grow depending upon how rich a website stats package is.

Don't lose any more business just because you dont know what your visitors need when u can find that very easily. Get hands to a website statistics software now and start getting more visitors turn into your qualified customers.

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