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Email Marketing
What is Spam Opt in list

Q. What is an opt-in email list and how is it beneficial?
A. When clients and customers are given the option to receive bulk email (email sent to a lot of people at the same time) they are included in a list called opt-in email list signifying the members who have consented to receive emails from the company.

Through an opt-in email list, advertisements, newsletters and such can be sent to members without being considered as spam. If you ask what all this fuss about spam is for, well first, a company can be fined for sending spam mail. Secondly, spam mail gives a bad impression about the company and if a customer is irritated with spam, email marketing will fail in its purpose of bringing in more business.

Q. How can you create your own opt-in email list?

A. Creating your own opt-in email list is easy. A number of resources are available on the web to help create opt-in email lists. Also, these websites help you through the whole process. Once you have built a list, you will be able to market your business effectively for years. Since you have targeted recipients, there are more chances of success and bigger profits than if you were spamming.

Q. What are some of the things that should be considered while doing email marketing through opt-in email list?
A. One big advantage of an opt-in email list is that your recipients know you are sending them emails. You can ensure that they have given you the correct email address; you can send a confirmation letter to all addresses. You have to make sure you are only sending emails to those who have confirmed and also not to those who have opted to stop receiving them. Ensure that the content of ezines and newsletters is informative and is valuable to the recipient. Do not send emails over and over and form your advertisements to the point. Following these guidelines can help prevent you from being considered a spammer.