Search Engine Marketing 4 Less

Web Analytics

Does it bother you that visitors surf to your website and leave without becoming customers? Is your business suffering from customer abandonment?

If you are like most online businesses, your visitors come to your site only to bounce back to go some place else. Without converting. You have invested a lot of resources into having your business succeed on the web. The time that you spent, the megabucks spent on programmers, graphics designers, focus group, hosting, advertising. The works! So, where's the beef ? Perhaps you also invest in an expensive Pay Per Click( PPC ) program to invite targeted traffic.only to see those visitors walk out on you and the moment you start advertising on Pay Per Click programs you are exposed to the threat of click fraud. You get no long term benefits from this burdensome recurring expenses . A shocking number of sites are losing potential customers through inefficient selling path, unwanted clutter, even broken links and non existent pages. Statistics show that over 80% of businesses that spend thousands of dollars per month in running of their site, don't know the answers to these basic questions:

  • What proportion of your visitors are coming in from search engines?
  • Are your PPC visitors more likely to become customers than your banner advertisement customers?
  • How many of your visitors are repeat customers?
  • Can you segment all your visitors into groups so you can identify your  "most valuable" customers?
  • Is your site appealing to these group of customers adequately?
  • Is your new "cool flash" site change or your shipping policy change actually alienating your customers?
  • Are you getting invalid clicks as a result of click fraud?

So, you are convinced that you need these answers to take your business to the next level. Why is there so much Fear , Uncertainty and Doubt regarding what should be a "simple" measurement? Aren't those ole log files on the server supposed to do their job, but we haven't got around to it. Yet. Or, we tried to look at the log file analyzer and apart from those amorphous "hits" and page views we couldn't find anything of interest. It took a while to get that barely relevant data, and to get anything more interesting, we need an analyzer. But, isn't it frightfully expensive to buy this log file analyzer? The other path we can take is to have these web analytics guys in suspenders and expensive suits to tell us the answers? Can we justify spending so much money into something, that may turn out to be more difficult to use and irrelevant to what we need . Can we afford those setup fee's and hundreds of dollars in monthly charges?