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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Q. What is email marketing and how does it work?

A. Email marketing involves sending a commercial message to the visitors through electronic email. Any email communication is email marketing if it is aimed at building customer loyalty and/or trust in the company’s product or service. In the recent past, email marketing has emerged as an efficient way to keep in touch with clients as well as promoting the business.

Through email marketing software, companies can maintain an email list that is categorized based on several factors. Emails are then sent out to the targeted members of the list, providing them with information that they have requested or are interested in.

An example of the use of email marketing is Ticket Luck which is a ticket resale marketplace. The website uses email marketing to inform its subscribers about upcoming events like the concerts of Tom Petty and Pink and games of Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics based on their previous choices. It also offers promotions through coupon codes and discount deals to its subscribers.