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Email Marketing

Google Adsense Fraud

What are some of the things you need to know about Google AdSense?

  • AdSense earnings equals to the product of impression count, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and smart pricing factor.

  • You won’t be banned for viewing your own website. However, do not click on your own websites.

  • You also have to make sure you don’t reload your page repeatedly as that can get you banned.

  • Best location to put an ad is near the rich content and navigation tools because these are the user focused areas on a website.

  • Where the content is comprised of short articles, an ad should be placed above the content and when the content has long articles, it is better to place it somewhere in the middle.

  • Format is important when it comes to multiple ad units. Ad units should be displayed at a place which is most focused by repeat users. Placing a leader board immediately after the last post is also another good tactic for making the best out of Google AdSense.

  • Use the ad unit with the highest CTR rate in the HTML code of your page as first impression counts a lot.

One example of a good usage of Google AdSense is Ticketluckwhich is a ticket resale marketplace selling tickets to events encompassing all kinds of concert, theater and sports events. The website runs AdSense campaigns to target hot events in order to increase sales. On this website, hot events list regularly updated. So it is very much possible that you see events like The Book of Mormon andDisney on Ice on the Hot Events list on the site, but they are gone the very next day. By using Google AdSense,they also get information about hot cities for popular concert tours. For instance, if One Direction or Bon Jovi announces any concert tour throughout USA, Ticketluck will target the cities and venues that are most likely to be sold out.