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Why Web Analytic?

Q. What is Web Analytics and why is it essential for the performance of a website?
A. Web Analytics is a tool that helps accumulate, compute and evaluate data relating to the kinds and number of visitors that a website is receiving. It also helps in developing strategies for making these visitors paying customers. Additionally, it helps in bringing a website’s targeted traffic and in determining whether the developed strategies are bringing optimal results.
Web Analytics is an essential tool for a website looking for serious business. It is imperative to learn about the patterns, kinds and number of customers a website is receiving to gauge performance because more the number of unique visitors, better will be the website’s performance.

Q. What are some of the uses of Web Analytics?
A. Web Analytics is usually taken to be a tool for measuring web traffic but it is does more than that. It is also a tool for market and business research which assesses and improves the effectiveness of a website. Web Analytics is also used if and where a company wishes to check how traffic has changed on the launch of a new advertising campaign and also to measure the results of broadcast or traditional print advertising campaigns.

Q. What is on-site and off-site Web Analytics?
A. Off-site and on-site are the two categories of Web Analytics. Off-site web analytics refers to the measurement and analysis of the web on the whole even if you do not own or maintain a website. On the other hand, on-site web analytics assesses traffic and related statistics on your website and works in a commercial context.
Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools are the two most popular and widely used web analytics services. Ticket Luck is a user of both and being a resale ticket marketplace, it assesses the popularity of trending concert tickets like Justin Bieber tickets,Wicked tickets and New York Knicks.

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